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  • Emmanuel Ph. Jansa

How To Make Change Stick

Updated: Jan 9

During my professional live, I have been speaking with a high number of Change Management experts. While their methodologies and specialisations differ they all agreed with me on one thing: Change never sticks in the long run.

It is of course frustrating to complete a change project successfully, write your final Change report with actions to be taken and recommendations on how to achieve the desired results just to see your report dissapear in a drawer. Case closed. Everything goes back to where you started.

The sad truth about this repeating situation is that it would not have to be that way. What about if you could make sure that Standard Operating Procedures sops and processes designed by the Change team would actually be executed consistently by the corresponding roles and orchestrated across the organisation?

Business Process Management bpm (not to be confused with workflow) solutions do exactly that. They allow end-to-end business process execution across the organisation the way Change managers designed them. These days it does not even take a lot of coding to be able to test and run those processes in a day-to-day business environment.

However there is often a system break between bpmn the process mapping and notation, the process design, and the actual execution. Best of Breed in business process management solutions means that a process design should become executable at the click of a button and at the same time the SOPs, training manuals, etc... should be automatically created.

The one best of breed solution with all these capabilities is FlowCentric Processware. The solution assists organisations in turning Change into executable processes at record speed. Now the respective roles in the organisation have no choice but to follow the processes that are the result of a Change project be it in supplychain management, finance, legal, planning, client services general management or other organisational functions. The gap between strategy and execution will be closed.

The final result will be operational excellence. And that is what Change should be all about. Right? Or how do you see it? Please share your opinions in the comments. I am curious to read about different angles to this topic.

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