About Us

iQuantis was created in 2013 in Slovakia by the Austrian Emmanuel Jansa to offer software and web development services and provide IT talents to Western European clients.

What sets us apart is that we look at every project from a business point of view. Our clients need to be successful with what we developed together with them. Only then a project makes sense to us. We combine digital business knowhow with long standing web development expertise and a boutique approach where the Managing Director feels personally responsible for the client‘s digital success.

At iQuantis we offer clients the planning and implementation of web platforms, apps, and software as well as the integration of artificial intelligence that allows our clients to succeed in the digital age. Of course we also support our clients when it comes to their web presence. If it is new team members you are looking for, iQuantis built a talent pool ov over 10,000 developers, talents we hand selected. These coding experts can be rented from us in short or long term contracts.

Past projects include automation of repetitive processes or even to entirely novel digital business models that disrupt the market. In between these two extremes there are webshops, apps, APIs and plugins.

We are also happy to take over partial tasks like programming work packages or UX design with the related usability tests.

Consisting of 15 experts, our team can boast a total of 118 years of experience in web development and artificial intelligence.