About Us
We are iQuantis

iQuantis is a vibrant and fast-growing software development agency giving you the ability to work with a professional team of experts, across a broad range of competencies without the need to employ full-time staff of your own. We're international: Our multinational team includes Austrian, German, Slovak, Ukranian, South African, and Egyptian experts enriching every project with a global perspective. Our working language is English.

Emmanuel J.
Managing Director

Although busy during business hours, always manage to find time to go out with friends and have some fun. Emmanuel is a 
passionate golf player and likes travelling and reading.

Vasyl K.
Technical Lead

After long day in front of PC, Vasyl prefers to switch to do some physical activities like cycling and street workout. He loves to play table football and listen to Latino music.

Denis K.
Project Manager

Attention to detail is very important to Denis, as at work so in his life. He likes to follow latest technology trends by reading. Besides that, he likes hiking, gaming and travelling.

Marek D.
Web Developer

Marek’s work is also his great passion. He’s spending his free time to get even better in programming and follow latest trends. Besides that, he likes to work out, play tennis and read books.

Maros P.
Web Developer

Maros is a people person and loves animals, mostly his cats. Instead of bicycle, he rides his Zwift. Finally, Maros keeps his balance between working out and gaming.

Kirill B.
Project Manager

Making people smile at work is Kirill's speciality. In his free time, he loves playing guitar and chess. He also likes swimming and all kind of sci-fi stories.

Mahmoud O.
Web Developer

While creative in coding, Mahmoud is as much as creative in cooking. In his free time, he plays backgammon and listens to the music. He’s a passioned car driver.

Marek S.
Web Developer

Marek understands that good design is as important as good coding these days. He makes effort to get better in both equally. He also likes working out and travelling.

Carmen S.
Business Process Analyst

Carmen is known for her ability to complete deliverables ahead of schedule and thoroughly.